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In this section you can find the answer to all your questions about GreenVetPets

The use of medicinal plants is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years being used in the West and is an ancient science in the East, being contemplated by the Traditional Chinese Medicine as a basic therapeutic application in it.
To these traditional uses have to add all scientific research in the world has been made about the active and healing effects of the plant world.
To Western minds, is necessary and appropriate to emphasize that most of the active ingredients of the drugs handled by the allopathic pharmaceutical industry, have their origin in the main plant that handles basic, as we said Phytotherapy.
The silymarin (active), a substance that acts as a liver protector, extract of milk thistle (common name), Carduus marianus (scientific name).
Increased chance of medication management:
-Minor contraindications. (Few adverse effects) -Low-toxicity -Better handling of dose and method of administration -Lower cost (economy) -Increased cost / total profit -Wide availability -Easy access -Greater possibility of combination therapies (less undesirable interactions)
That is why I propose to Phytotherapy as how treatment of choice as a form Natural and Holistic Veterinary Medicine.
Medicinal plants are part of the cultural heritage each village and are the basis on which it has developed throughout the modern pharmacology as I described above.
As well known medicinal plants throughout the world that make up the Handbook phytotherapy, in each region there are substitutes or replacing native plants and to increase the number of possibilities as some that exist in our environment not found elsewhere . It also represents the possibility of recovering an acquired knowledge for thousands of years for humanity and our ancestors have told us. Just enough to mention in our environment, Argentina, to a single culture, which counts as a symbol and tribute to all that is Mapuche culture that is always therapeutic uses and is long included in the list of substances commonly used in our environment.
When referring to the medicinal plants we will always first using its scientific name. (Carduus marianus) This is due to the need to avoid mistakes as the common name (Milk thistle, Arzolla, etc..) Can lead to confusion as it varies from place to place and has no established synonymy as if it is the name scientist.
The use of medicinal plants has a long historical tradition supported in popular usage, empirical and customs.
Scientifically photochemistry as science justifies, to clarify the basic chemical aspects of plant natural products and use them in the relief of conditions and diseases.
The chemical compound responsible for a specific pharmacological action is called: active ingredient or pharmacologically active substance (as described above, silymarin).
In each plant describes the employed, active, precautions, contraindications and methods of use.
The active plant must be processed to enable their pharmaceutical use and its direct use, processing varies as to the location, structure and stability of chemical substances in the ground which are of therapeutic interest.
Describes among more dosage forms used in Phytotherapy:
-Dyes -Decoctions -Teas -Macerated -Puffs -Fluid extracts -Elixirs -Syrups Creams-Components -Aromatherapy
All these presentations are specified to show the many existing forms which make the ease of preparation and dosing in animals. We should note that it is even easier, as these preparations in our environment and are ready for use, or can be prepared by a master formula, indicated both this, as any professional dosage phytotherapic by Natural and Holistic Veterinarian .
AOur expert team consists of veterinarians and breeders careful who created this dynamic young company in 1992, believing in the passion Together: Herbal medicine.
In response to the needs of our partners and collaboration with universities and research centers, we have been successful in the treatment of companion animals and the "breeding in the domestic and international environment.
We are often reminded of the story of a veteran of elders who realized dell'avvenuta cure a patient, not because of traditional medicines addressed to him (because he refused to take them), but because that the dog, at that time, had almost exclusively fed from a plant in the garden. For the dog was instinctive, simple.
Today, for many of us the pursuit of wealth by exploiting the treasures of nature through alternative medicine, less aggressive "physiological balance of the body, is a precise choice of life. Why not give equal opportunities to our little friends?
There are a variety of herbal obtained so far have met with great effectiveness in the welfare of our clients friends. Large, however, is also the range of herbal medicine that we still have plans to produce, because the passion for "natural treasures" brought us together in the beginning, it has now transformed into an exciting profession intent on continuous improvement only and only for the welfare of our animal friends.